Adler Planetarium

Adler Mission


Adler Mission & Values

The mission of the Adler Planetarium is to inspire exploration and understanding of our Universe.

We Value

  • An engaging, user-friendly museum serving diverse audiences
  • Excitement and curiosity about space science and space exploration
  • Programs based on credible science and educational research
  • Well-managed collections
  • Adherence to results-oriented planning
  • A professional work environment and highly motivated, diverse staff
  • Long-term financial stability and the economic viability of our endeavors.

Adler Diversity Statement

Leadership, Staff, Volunteers & Programming

To effectively educate and serve our community and constituents, the Adler Planetarium strives to achieve diversity among its Trustee leadership, staff, volunteers, and programming.

Nonprofit Status

Organizations & Membership

The Adler Planetarium is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and a member of the American Association of Museums, Association of Science-Technology Centers and Chicago's Museums in the Park consortium of institutions located on Chicago Park District land.

Annual Reports and Financial Information

As a non-profit organization, The Adler Planetarium publicly discloses our financial statements and reports.

Download the Adler's 2014 Annual Report (PDF)
Download the 2014 Adler Planetarium IRS 990 (PDF) 

Download the Adler's 2013 Annual Report (PDF)
Download the 2013 Adler Planetarium IRS 990 (PDF) 

Download the Adler's 2012 Annual Report (PDF) 
Download the 2012 Adler Planetarium IRS 990 (PDF) 

Download the Adler's 2011 Annual Report (PDF)
Download the 2011 Adler Planetarium IRS 990 (PDF)


History, Staff, Officers & Trustees

Executive Staff

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Officers & Trustees

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History of the Adler Planetarium

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