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Welcome to the Adler's Blogs! Adler Transmissions provides you with the latest news and views from Adler's astronomers, curators, partners, and programming staff. From Earth to distant planets and beyond, This Week in Space discusses the latest discoveries and accomplisments in science, space, and technology.

The World's First Tabletop Planetarium?

The tabletop planetarium moved the Copernican revolution from the university into the homes of society's upper crust—a big step toward the eventual popularization of astronomy.


The Big Blue Chinese Star Chart

If you've seen the Big Blue Chinese Star Chart at the Adler, you understand why we call it that. It is usually in storage, to protect it from light, but has emerged this year to play a role in the Cosmic Wonder celebration.


From Adler's Collections: A 400 Year-Old Celestial Globe

This four-inch-diameter brass celestial globe originated from Italy or Germany, probably in the 1600s, although it is neither signed nor dated. As a celestial globe, it shows stars and constellation figures arranged around the celestial sphere, rather than continents arranged around the terrestrial sphere — as would appear on a terrestrial globe.