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Welcome to the Adler's Blogs! Adler Transmissions provides you with the latest news and views from Adler's astronomers, curators, partners, and programming staff. From Earth to distant planets and beyond, This Week in Space discusses the latest discoveries and accomplisments in science, space, and technology.

Forty Five Years Ago Today – Apollo 13’s Safe Return

Forty-five years ago today NASA successfully guided the Apollo 13 crew safely back to Earth. Four days earlier, Apollo 13 was 200,000 miles from Earth when one of its oxygen tanks exploded.


Full STEAM Ahead! Adler's Second Annual Girls Do Hack Day!

Choo choo! I am full STEAM ahead on the STEM + art/design train. This past Saturday, at our 2nd annual Girls Do Hack Day at the Adler Planetarium, I saw first-hand how well it works to use the creativity and fun of art/design to hook girls into STEM.


Happy Astronomy Day!

Although every (clear) day is the day to look up at the stars and wonder at our vast Universe, a few days, like today, have been given special status.


Galaxy Zoo Quench: Experience the Wonder & Discovery of the Full Scientific Process

Galaxy Zoo and other Zooniverse projects have given thousands the opportunity to contribute to scientific research.  Our new project, Galaxy Zoo Quench, satisfies the public’s hunger to participate in the ENTIRE scientific process and experience the wonder and discovery that comes with doing science. 


Call to Action – Help Jumpstart the U.S. Astronomy Olympiad!

Each year, high-school students from 28 countries participate in the International Astronomy Olympiads. Sadly, the U.S. is not represented.