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Welcome to the Adler's Blogs! Adler Transmissions provides you with the latest news and views from Adler's astronomers, curators, partners, and programming staff. From Earth to distant planets and beyond, This Week in Space discusses the latest discoveries and accomplisments in science, space, and technology.

Cosmos and the Dialog between Science and Religion

The first episode set the stage for the journey, with a brief tour through our vast Universe in space and time. Of course it is a daunting job to do full justice to both the science and the human history of science, and it is perhaps not surprising that the episode takes a one-sided view in its depiction of the interaction between religion and science, particularly in the sequence depicting Bruno’s tragic clash with the Inquisition. 


From Interstellar Clouds to Stars, Planets, and Life

In the 18th century, Kant and Laplace proposed that the Sun and its planets formed from a vast, spinning nebula (interstellar cloud) that flattened out as it was pulled together by gravity. The Sun formed at the center of the nebula, and the planets and other small bodies formed in an extended “disk."