Adler Planetarium


Welcome to the Adler's Blogs! Adler Transmissions provides you with the latest news and views from Adler's astronomers, curators, partners, and programming staff. From Earth to distant planets and beyond, This Week in Space discusses the latest discoveries and accomplisments in science, space, and technology.

The Space Paintings of Chesley Bonestell

When I am up on the museum floor, talking with our visitors, the question frequently comes up “How did you get interested in Astronomy?”


Rosetta and Comet 67P

This is the best part of space exploration.


The GAIA Mission

When I look up at the stars I'm always astonished and filled with wonder at how large the Universe really is. It looks like I could reach up and pluck the stars out of the sky like gems set in a velvet dome


An Astronomer's Journey

I really enjoy being up on the Museum floor talking with our visitors. As well as sharing some of the latest astronomy news, I also answer a lot of questions from all types of people. A favorite question, usually asked by a starry-eyed young kid, is “How did you become an astronomer?”