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Adler Inspires Teachers, Parents to Share Science with Young People

The past couple weeks have been busy for Adler’s Education Department as we get ready for the new school year. Every year, the start of school is an exhilarating time where we can rethink how teachers, students, and parents engage with Adler through educational experiences. This year is no different and we’re excited to be able to showcase our programs and reconnect with Chicago-area educators at the annual Educator Open House.

This year’s Educator Open House takes place on Wednesday, September 11 from 3 pm to 8 pm. All educators receive free admission to the planetarium to view exhibits, shows, and take part in special activities. Adler Planetarium educators love the opportunity to showcase our available resources for schools, but the best part of the night for us is being able to chat with educators and help them find ways to inspire their students to observe, wonder, and discover new things about their universe.

We’re especially looking forward to showcasing some new sessions at the 2013 Educator Open House. Based on feedback from past events, we decided to add a series of sessions that are split out by grade. In these grade-level specific sessions, educators will be able to try out lessons that can be easily implemented in the classroom, but that can also connect with an Adler experience. Another new addition is “Who’s Your Net: Exploring Educator Support Systems”. Facilitated by the Adler Education team, this session will let us all share ideas and resources about how we can best support educators teaching science content in schools.

Even though this year’s Educator Open House is quickly approaching, we will continue to explore new ways to build relationships with our community of teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Have you or someone you know taken part in an educational experience at, or from, the Adler? What did you really enjoy about it? What would you like to see us do differently? Let us know on our Google+ page or on Twitter

Written by Jennifer Bundy, senior educator for STEM School Partnerships at the Adler Planetarium.


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