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Fall Opportunities for Teens at the Adler

Reading and writing about science and other STEM topics can be an intimidating endeavor. With the wide world of the internet at hand information is readily accessible, just a quick search away. Yet when the search results appear, there might be a pause - where to start? Which links pave the way to reliable, accessible scientific reporting (and which don’t)? And what about the technical terms, the tables, and the graphs - how do you read those effectively?

This fall, the Adler invites teens to answer these questions with confidence by becoming Astro-Journalist Interns. With the guidance of STEM mentors who have the know-how to navigate the sometimes confusing world of scientific literature, interns will select topics in astronomy related subjects, research our current understanding of these topics, and then share their knowledge with the world. By the end of the program, interns will publish two blog posts on the Adler Astro-Journalists wordpress, ready to be accessed by people across the globe. Check out the blog to see past interns’ work!

Along the way, Astro-Journalists will earn badges for the skills they gain. By logging on to our digital badging platform, interns can visualize their progress and keep track of their workflow in an emerging and fun way. Completing activities, like taking pictures on the museum floor or performing an advanced Google search, unlocks these badges which then provide the opportunity for leveling up. Astro-Journalists, for instance, begin the program as Blogging Rookies. As they familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of blog-writing, they unlock more advanced badges and ultimately become Blogging Heroes. 

The Astro-Journalists Internship begins on September 28th and runs for eleven weeks, with meetings on Saturdays at the Adler from 1 to 3 pm. Applications are due Monday, September 9 and require a resume and cover letter. This internship gives teens an excellent opportunity to become more comfortable engaging in STEM research and to be the voice of the Adler for their peers.

The Adler also has other fun ways for teens to get involved during the school year. Teens can apply to be part of the Youth Leadership Council (YLC). YLC members pave the way at the Adler, providing unique insights into our youth programs. It is an amazing opportunity to make the Adler an even better, more engaging place for teens. This year, the YLC will be taking charge of Civic Hack Day, planning the event from start to finish. Additionally, free hacking workshops for teens will roll out mid-October. By participating in Web-Making for Civic Action, teens will learn how to wield HTML, Javascript, and more in order to “make the web." Volunteer opportunities are also available. Teens can choose from a variety of roles, gain service-learning hours, and have fun while doing it all. 

Teens: get ready to take charge at the Adler!

Written by Yeimi Valdes, assistant educator at the Adler Planetarium.

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