Adler Planetarium

New Science Observations from IBEX


The Adler is the home of the Education and Public Outreach efforts for the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) mission. After three years of observations, the IBEX team is now prepared to give a rundown of the observational features of the heliotail. Last year they received new data that allowed them to discover that our heliosphere does not have a bow shock in front of it. This was a significant discovery because the presence of a bow shock had been a hypothesis.

One of the IBEX mission's goals was to learn about the properties of the heliotail. How does it look? What is the particle behavior like within that region? It is evident that the heliotail has an interesting shape and orientation properties but more data is on the way. Learn more about IBEX's latest discovery on the IBEX website.  




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