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NASA at 55

As NASA begins its 56th year of operations, they're expanding commercial access to theInternational Space Station and developing anew rocket and spacecraft to send astronauts farther than ever. NASA is starting with a mission to a captured, relocated asteroid in the next decade. They're exploring off the Earth, for the Earth, unlocking mysteries of our solar system and peering back into the beginnings of the Universe. 

NASA's future builds on a legacy of exploration and discovery that spans six decades and they're not done yet. NASA plans to land humans on Mars in the 2030s. They're getting ready to send MAVEN to Mars and OSIRIS-REx to an asteroid, and they'll be watching as Juno arrives at Jupiter andNew Horizons arrives at Pluto.They’ll continue looking at the home planet from our unique perspective in space, improving air travel and developing cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of all mankind.

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