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NASA Celebrates National Aerospace Week

Image credit: NASA

Image credit: NASA

This week NASA  joins the rest of the aerospace industry in marking National Aerospace Week, an annual observance that recognizes the enormous contribution the aerospace industry makes to America’s economy, global competitiveness and national security.

Each time you board an airplane there’s a great chance that a piece of innovative NASA technology will be helping to ensure you have a safe flight. Thanks in part to the work of NASA’s aeronautics innovators, aviation accounts for $1.3 trillion of U.S. economic activity annually and generates more than 10.2 million direct and indirect jobs. The changing world has led NASA to adopt an exciting new strategic vision for their aeronautical research efforts. It addresses global emerging trends leading to key drivers that are changing the face of aviation during the next 20 to 40 years. In response, they're continuing to develop tools that will help manage predicted growth in global aviation operations safely and efficiently.

And, as only NASA can, they're continuing to push the envelope of innovation that can transform the way we fly, such as making it possible to travel in a commercial aircraft at supersonic speeds over land or to have higher levels of automation and autonomy across the aviation system. All of this is designed to advance NASA's  commitment to a healthier planet and a better life for people everywhere. NASA takes this opportunity during National Aerospace Week to pledge their continuing appreciation of and support to the aerospace industry.

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