Adler Planetarium

My Home Away from Home

The Adler Planetarium and the Air Force Academy High School are two places that I consider “my homes away from home.” I am grateful of my school’s partnership with the Adler because I have access to so many opportunities, like sending high-altitude balloons to the edge of space, engaging with museum visitors, and, now, writing for an astro-journalism blog. These experiences have helped me sharpen both my communication and leadership skills, and improve my overall drive for success.

Some examples of these things definitely come from my experience of working on the floor with guests. On Sundays, the days I volunteer, are a time I look forward to. I never know what fun things will be in store for me and which activity I’ll use to teach to Adler guests.

I enthusiastically look forward to my days at the Adler when I am engaging with guests as a Floor Programs Facilitator. On one of my first days on the floor, I led an activity cart teaching children that a kite will not fly on the Moon, due to the lack of air and almost non-existent atmosphere. This usually involves making kites with little kids, but adults like making them, too.

While I was leading this cart, a little boy dressed up as Buzz Lightyear came over and we began talking about the Moon and its atmosphere. The little boy brought over his father, so he could also learn. I was extremely impressed by the boy’s quick ability to absorb the information, so I asked him to teach me something. He and his father then taught me to sing all the verses of the Spiderman theme song – I never knew there were so many! I will never forget that day. This experience only enhanced my love for the Adler and made me want to volunteer even more.

Even if you won’t be singing with little kids, which I’m sure you could, you should definitely make it a priority to spend at least one day at the Adler Planetarium during your time off this spring.

During spring break this year, the Adler will be hosting a workshop race where visitors can build their own solar powered-boats and race against others! It will be boatloads of fun!

Fellow Adler volunteer, Ashley Hall, mentioned, “Families should definitely attend spring break this year at the Adler Planetarium, as there will be so many new and exciting Sun-themed activities across the museum!”

Take advantage of Spring Break at the Adler, and I promise you will find your “home away from home,” too. See you there! 

Celebrate the return of the sunny days of spring during Charter One Family Weeks at the Adler from March 23 through April 7. Join us as we explore the wonders of Earth's closest star with family workshops, scavenger hunts and hands-on exhibition activities as part of our Sun-Days of Spring Celebration! 

Written by Alexandria Janopoulos a junior at the Air Force Academy, a close community partner with the Adler Planetarium. 

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