Girls Do Hack

What Is Girls Do Hack?

Girls Do Hack is a one-day event designed to inspire and empower young women to consider STEM careers. On November 14, 2015, teams of girls will come to the Adler Planetarium to partner with women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Together they will explore the skills required to pursue and excel in a STEM career through a series of hands-on, minds-on workshops and activities.

Event Details

On The Day
Each female STEM professional mentor will be paired with two youth participants. Together each team will participate in workshops designed to highlight skills required in STEM careers. These workshops and activities will be developed by Adler Planetarium staff and partner organizations to reflect a cross-section of STEM careers, and may include developing mobile phone apps, prototyping and designing buildings, exoplanet detection, building robots and game design.

Mentors and youth participants may register to participate in one of two cohorts. Each cohort will consist of approximately 40 girls and 20 mentors.

Getting To The Adler
Girls Do Hack is easily accessible by car, public transport, bike or foot! For more details please visit the ‘Getting There‘ page on the Adler Planetarium website.


The Adler invites you to help support Girls Do Hack. Sponsorship provides recognition and may include additional benefits.

Why Teza Chooses to Sponsor Girls Do Hack
“As CEO of Teza Technologies, a science and technology-driven global quantitative trading business, I recognize the need to encourage youth to explore their interest in STEM fields. It is critical to provide social and extracurricular activities in math and science, especially for girls, in order to increase the number of women studying STEM and pursuing related careers. Adler Planetarium’s Girls Do Hack is an exemplary effort to advance this important cause, and we are proud to have Teza Technologies serve as the presenting sponsor of this event.”- Misha Malyshev

More info about Misha Malyshev:

Sponsorship Options
Presenting Sponsor: Teza Technologies and Misha Malyshev
Team Sponsor (send or sponsor a team): $10,000
Mentors Sponsor (send or sponsor mentors): $5,000
Supporter: $2,000

For sponsorship information, please contact Sara Hoopes, Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations, at 312.322.0824 or

Girls Do Hack Mentoring Experience
By Alanna Weisberg on December 17, 2015

In November I had the pleasure of participating in Girls Do Hack, an event sponsored by Teza Technologies, where I work as a trading analyst. I volunteered to mentor at Girls Do Hack because I hoped to serve as a role model for young women exploring their interests in STEM fields. Growing up I didn’t know any strong women in STEM careers and it would have been great to see an example of success.

I became interested in STEM during a physics class in high school that was very challenging and a break from the norm. Everyone I met at Girls Do Hack seemed to share a similar curiosity and desire to challenge themselves. As Teza’s CEO Misha Malyshev has said in the past, STEM is all about problem solving, and I couldn’t agree more.

In addition to the fun and challenging aspects of the event, Girls Do Hack presented a great opportunity to meet both students and mentors who are interested in STEM. I greatly enjoyed hearing their various background stories about how they ended up studying and/or pursuing related jobs. For example, one student mentioned that reading her mother’s textbook about makeup sparked her interest in studying chemistry. I thought that was such a unique way to have found an interest in STEM!

The Girls Do Hack activities were engaging and the girls seem to truly enjoy them. I was impressed by the enthusiasm of everyone involved, and the curiosity and determination of the girls whom I had the opportunity to work with directly.

One highlight of the day was the robot races, which was an incredibly fun activity. The best part was witnessing the mentees’ first experiences with coding fundamentals. For example, they learned how to program the robot to move along a track, as well as how to debug a simple program.

The egg drop was another favorite. This challenge allowed the girls to build something together, so they learned not just engineering skills but also how to collaborate as a team. I can attest that teamwork is a vital skill for my job at Teza and in the real world!

Prior to Teza, I graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in physics, and then became interested in trading. I’ve tutored STEM students in the past and have participated in several related projects such as Upward Bound and the Chicago Public Schools Student Science Fair, so this was a natural extension of my efforts to give back.

Overall, Girls Do Hack was a huge success. The event was a well-organized and positive experience. I was thrilled to hear that Girls Do Hack, in partnership with Teza, has grown every year since its inception three years ago. This year the Adler hosted 90 young women and 40 STEM mentors – double the number of participants from the first event in 2013! Hopefully by sharing my experience, other women working in STEM will be inspired to mentor at future events.

Written by Alanna Weisberg, Girls Do Hack 2015 mentor and trading analyst at Teza Technologies.

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