Planet Explorers

What You Will Discover

Included With General Admission

Are you interested in going to space and exploring other planets? Prepare for your out-of-this-world adventure in Planet Explorers.

Begin by exploring your home, your backyard, and the sky above. What you discover will prepare you for your mission to space and the mysterious

Planet X.

Take a closer look at the logs piled up in the backyard. Can you see anything that might make its home here?

Climb aboard a two-story rocket. Check the rocket’s systems, turn on the instruments, and BLAST-OFF!

Next stop, the Space Station, your home away from home. Find out how things so familiar on Earth, behave so differently in space.

What’s it like to walk in space? Take a

moment to discover the thrill of stepping out into the Universe in Planet

Explorers Spacewalk experience.

Travel through the cosmos to the mysterious Planet X. Slowly land the rocket onto its rocky surface and step out and onto its alien surface.

Investigate caves and tunnels for signs of water, and maybe even life.

Can you see any clues like fossils, salt crystals, or dried mud that might tell you what was once a part of this planet’s


Special Membership Benefit - Kids Explorers Club

Enroll your family in the Kids Explorers Club at the Adler! The club provides tools to play and learn throughout the museum and at home. Kids Explorers Club members receive a Mission Log and lanyard. In the Mission Log, kids collect stamps by completing activities, certifications, and special assignments. With the required number of stamps collected, kids can win a special prize!

Parents or grandparents must have an Adler Planetarium Family Plus Membership or Annual Fund Membership for children to be eligible for the Kids Explorers Club.

Visit the box office during your visit to receive your passport book and lanyard to begin your missions!

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