Adler Planetarium

Hidden Wonders

About the Exhibition

Many of us living near cities and towns seldom experience the Hidden Wonders of our beautiful night sky. This exhibit explores what our night skies could look like and steps for preserving them for generations to come.

Hidden Wonders also explains the many causes of and what we can do to cut down on light pollution. Wondering what you can do to cut down on light pollution? Here are a few simple tips:  

  • Use only lights you really need
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  • Use a timer to turn off outdoor lights by 11 pm
  • Use motion sensors
  • Focus lights on the ground
  • Close drapes and shades after dark

This exhibition also provides visitors with a selection of local dark skies locations including, Weinberg-King State Park in Illinois; Siloam State Park in Illinois; Wildcat Mountain State Park in Wisconsin; and Camp George Cullom in Indiana.