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April's Nightwatch

Check out the Adler's monthly sky watching guide for April 2014.  

Featured News for April

On the evening of April 6, look for Jupiter near the Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Here’s a question: Why does Jupiter have colored clouds? The brown and orange hues of clouds on Jupiter are thought to be different compounds that change color when they react with ultraviolet light. These compounds could be a mixture of phosphorous, sulfur, and hydrocarbons, but their exact composition remains unclear.

Look for Mars near the Waxing Moon on the evening of April 13 and 14.

On April 15, come to the Adler and experience our free Lunar Eclipse Viewing Party. Adler astronomers and telescope volunteers will be outside from midnight to 4 am CDT to watch the Moon enter the Earth’s shadow.

Lunar eclipses occur when Earth is directly between the Moon and Sun. Due to the tilt of the Moon’s orbit, only between four and seven eclipses (both lunar and solar) occur every year instead of two (one lunar and one solar) each month.

The lunar eclipse on April 15 is scheduled to begin at 12:58 am CDT. Totality, when the entire face of the Moon is within the Earth’s shadow, begins at 2:06 am CDT. The Moon moves completely out of the Earth’s shadow at 4:33 am CDT. Come and #Lookup with us!

Look for Saturn near the Waning Gibbous Moon on the evening of April 16 and the early morning hours of April 17.

You can spot the first quarter Moon on April 7, the full Moon on April 15, the last quarter Moon on April 22, and the new Moon on April 29. 

2014 Skywatchers Guide

Check out the Adler's 2014 Skywatchers Guide