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Throughout time, humans have connected with the cosmos in an ongoing cycle of wonder, observation, and discovery.  In Cosmic Wonder, visitors are invited to look up!  The night sky reveals the mysteries of our Universe in the most immersive space environment ever created.  As we observe and form an understanding of our cosmos, leading-edge technology allows audiences to experience the night sky like never before, bringing the Universe to you. 

Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Crab Nebula as it descends, coming so close you can almost touch it.  Zoom into Orion the Hunter and become bathed in a hotbed of active star formation.  Zero in on a small patch of the night sky as you are surrounded by the Hubble Extreme Deep Field image containing more than 5,500 galaxies.

Presented as a live show, Cosmic Wonder tells the compelling story of how, through time, we have pieced together an understanding of the cosmos, inviting audiences to ask questions and help scientists unlock modern mysteries of the unknown.

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