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This Has Been To Space

About the Show

A mysterious box falls from the sky onto a suburban street.  A couple driving on their way to lunch pull up next to it and drag the box into their pick-up truck. Moments later, a small mob of excited 12-year-olds surround the couple, thrilled the mysterious box is not lost.

Where did the mysterious box come from? Who are these children and what do they want with the box? Is this the plot to an upcoming science fiction novel? Science, yes. Fiction, no. Watch the events unfold in the documentary This Has Been To Space, and discover what happens when a group of middle school students launch a high altitude balloon to the edge of space. This Has Been to Space is now playing in the Samuel C. Johnson Family Star Theater.

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This Has Been to Space Trailer and Panel Discussion 

This Has Been to Space was created by 137 Films and features the Adler’s Far Horizons program. Far Horizons is generously supported by the Peggy and Steve Fossett Foundation and dedicated to the memory of renowned Chicago adventurer and explorer Steve Fossett.