History of Astronomy Staff

Andrew K. Johnston, VP Astronomy & Collections

Andrew Johnston

Dr. Andrew Johnston oversees research at the Adler Planetarium as Vice President for Astronomy and Collections. Johnston also performs research on environmental dynamics, geophysical processes on terrestrial planets, and the history of space exploration. Johnston has authored books, curated exhibitions, developed planetarium programs, and lectures on themes such as space exploration, astronomy, geography, earth science, climate change, and the history of navigation.

Pedro Raposo of the Adler Planetarium's Collections Department

Pedro M. P. Raposo

Pedro M. P. Raposo, DPhil, is curator of the Adler’s Webster Institute for the History of Astronomy. He holds a doctorate in the History of Science from the University of Oxford. He has published on topics such as the history and heritage of nineteenth-century astronomy, the history of colonial observatories, and the circulation of knowledge in eighteenth-century Europe. Raposo is responsible for the use and research of the Adler Planetarium’s varied collections of historic scientific instruments, rare books, and works on paper. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar.

Jessica Brode is the digital collections specialist at the Adler Planetarium

Jessica BrodeFrank

Jessica BrodeFrank is the Digital Collections Specialist in the Adler’s Webster Institute for the History of Astronomy.  She holds a Master’s degree in Museum Studies from George Washington University with a concentration in Digital Asset Management.  She is responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for metadata and digital preservation, including scanning, photographing, and editing images for all collections objects to increase accessibility to the collections.

Christopher Helms is the collections manager at the Adler Planetarium

Chris Helms

Chris Helms is the Collections Manager in the Adler’s Webster Institute for the History of Astronomy. He holds a Masters degree in Public History from Illinois State University, and has worked extensively in museum collections spaces around the Chicagoland area. Chris is responsible for the safekeeping, use, and storage of the varied collections of historic scientific instruments and works on paper. In his free time, Chris enjoys camping, traveling, and playing video games.