Sun Salutations Yoga

Guests practicing yoga underneath the star-lit Grainger Sky Theater.

First Saturdays
8:30–9:30 am

Say hello to the Universe (and the weekend) with Sun Salutations Yoga!

This accessible Vinyasa Flow yoga class welcomes people of all skill levels to relax and reflect under the stars in the Grainger Sky Theater. With an instructor’s guidance, participants glide from one pose to the next while stunning images of celestial objects light up the dome overhead. When the time is right, an Adler sky show operator chimes in to help participants understand what they’re seeing: a distant galaxy, a star cluster, a planet, or a nebula.

Sun Salutations Yoga includes free admission to the museum, so participants are encouraged to stay after class and continue their cosmic journey with us!

Participants must be at least 10 years old and bring their own mats. Tickets go on sale 3 months before each session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

We suggest layered, comfortable and flexible clothing. The theater will often start cold and then heat up. Layer up!

I don’t have a mat, can I borrow one?
This is not your typical yoga class. Poses and flow are designed to encourage you to pause and look up at the beautiful images on the dome and reflect upon the beauty the theater provides.
What is the degree of difficulty?

This class is accessible to those who have never done yoga, but will still be enjoyable for experienced practitioners.

Will it be dark?

Yes, very! It is difficult to see the instructor (and your neighbors) so several poses are demonstrated before class begins. This also makes balance poses a unique challenge.

I get motion sickness—will this be okay for me?

While we try to limit too much movement of the sky during the session, images do move. If you are sensitive, we recommend that you sit down and close your eyes while the sky is moving.


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