Earthfest | April 21-22

Earthfest 2018 | April 21-22 | Included with Admission

Help Preserve Our Home at Earthfest 2018!

Included with General Admission!

April 21-22
9:30 am-4:00 pm

Over the past two centuries, humans have changed our world faster than at any other time in history. Sometimes we did it on purpose: We wanted to see in the dark, so we invented electric lights. We wanted to move fast, so we built cars, trains, and planes. But these marvels of human ingenuity are also changing our environment in ways we never intended: The fuel we burn is heating up our planet, and the glittering lights of our cities make it hard for us to see the stars at night.

At Earthfest, we’ll talk about how our species has shaped—and will continue to shape—our environment and celebrate the planet we call home.

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Special Programming Includes...

Chicago's Night Sky and Light Pollution

When you #LookUp at night what do you see?

The Adler’s Far Horizons team and Youth Organizing for Lights Out (YOLO) program will highlight the unintended changes to Chicago’s night sky using mapped data from the Earth’s surface and stratosphere. With 360 VR technology, guests will be able to view these changes over time and join in the discussion around how we can circumvent the long-term effects of light pollution in our own city.

World's Fair of the Future

Immerse yourself in the future by stepping into the shoes of Earth’s soon-to-be leaders in the fight against climate change!

Participants will be encouraged to make costume pieces out of upcycled materials (provided by Wasteshed) and enter the “World’s Fair of the Future”, where they will participate in scientific activities of the future while celebrating the 500th anniversary of the first world’s fair.

Collections Corner with Adler Curator, Pedro Raposo

Humans have wanted to view our Earth from space for centuries. But before they were able to travel to space and look back at the “big picture”, they had to map out our planet from the surface. This was how early globe-making was born.

Stop by our Collections Corner to check out a variety of Adler’s pocket globes and learn about how they tie in with the human desire to see the Earth as a whole. Kids will also be able to create their own globes using the same techniques developed in the 17th century.

ECHD Sensory Station

Even our youngest visitors can celebrate the wonders and beauty of our planet!

Families with young children can investigate elements of their home on Earth by exploring textures and surfaces, experimenting with filters and water, and discovering scientific concepts through Earth-themed discovery bottles.

Partner Programing

Sky Day Project (featuring Chicago Botanic Garden!)

One thing everyone on our planet shares: our beautiful sky. Guests are encouraged to #LookUp and take photos of their sky, particularly on Saturday, April 21, at 11:00 am. By using #SkyDayProject and #SkyDayChicago, a shared hashtag with the Chicago Botanic Garden, your photos will be displayed on a digital mosaic piece by Sky Day Project founder Ben Whitehouse.

We will have the mosaic displayed at the Adler in our Welcome Gallery all weekend. Ben Whitehouse will also be at the Adler on Sunday, April 22, giving a special talk in our Space Visualization Lab.

Sky Day - CBG

Community Art Installation (featuring Neurokitchen!)

Celebrating the beauty of Earth and our shared home, guests will have the opportunity to incorporate their own artistic perspective into one evolving representation of our home planet.

Neurokitchen Arts Collective