Board of Trustees

Officers and Trustees

The Adler Planetarium Board of Trustees is a diverse team of corporate, philanthropic, civic, and academic leaders who help the Adler fulfill its role as one of the world’s leading science education and space exploration institutions. As members of the museum’s governing body, Trustees set and oversee Adler plans and policies, serve as ambassadors to the larger community, secure support for programs, and are primary stewards of the Adler’s finances and museum collections.

A Message from the Board Chair, Pradip K. Patiath
and President & CEO, Michelle B. Larson

At the Adler, we are committed to nurturing exploration through fun, dynamic, hands-on science experiences. Through the centuries-old artifacts in our collections, frontier technologies in citizen science, and everything in between, the Adler is dedicated to #Science4Everyone: finding new ways to make science accessible to the public—regardless of age, interest, or abilities.

The Adler is more than a museum—it is a laboratory, a classroom, and a community. We believe in #AstroEverywhere—celebrating astronomy and space science within our museum walls and beyond. That’s why we are bringing Adler scientists to your neighborhood through programs like ‘Scopes in the City. This year, we planned over 20 observing events by partnering with Chicago libraries, schools, parks, and churches to bring the museum—and the Universe—a little closer to home.

So, without further ado, #LetsDoScience! At the Adler, every day is a new opportunity to wonder about the Universe, observe objects in our Solar System, or discover something new about our planet. Adler sky shows like Destination Solar System and One World One Sky combine real images of space with approachable dialogue to send you on an interactive, immersive space adventure. And, our very own Doane Observatory is open daily. So what are you waiting for? Come join us in exploring space!

We hope to see you soon at America’s First Planetarium.

Pradip K. Patiath                                                                   Michelle B. Larson, PhD


Pradip K. Patiath, Chair
Amy L. Carbone, Vice Chair
Linda P. Jojo, Vice Chair
Daniel T. Mueller, Secretary
Jonathan H. Herbst, Treasurer
Michelle B. Larson, PhD, President and CEO

Elected Trustees

Cynthia L. Ballew
Russell F. Bartmes
Raj Bhatia
Liam Caffrey
Bryan C. Cressey
David A. Crown, PhD
Daniel R. Eder
John W. Estey
Ryan Garino
Nancy S. Gerrie
Robert N. Gordon
William J. Gruber
Raj P. Gupta, PE
Bernard L. Hengesbaugh
Seth E. Jacobson
Clyde Kofman
Peter J. Langas
Lisa H. Lewis
Steven S. Louis, MD
Maryann N. McNally
James C. Murray
James J. O’Connor, Jr.
Nick Paldrmic
Dushan Petrovich
Ian C. Radomski
Aaron C. Rudberg
Matthew F. Sauer
Michael Seedman
Brad Serlin
Gurpreet Singh
Kecia Steelman
Paul D. Steinberg
Scott C. Swanson
Anthony L. Toulouse
Tina M. Tromiczak

Life Trustees

Carolyn Doane Bowman
Linda I. Celesia
Donald C. Clark, Jr.
Frank M. Clark
Earle M. Combs III
J. Douglas Donenfeld
Michel J. Feldman
David W. Fox, Sr.
Howard S. Goss
Captain James A. Lovell, Jr.
David Mintzer, PhD
Kenneth Nebenzahl
James J. O’Connor, Sr.
Irene S. Phelps
Harold Byron Smith
Peter O. Vandervoort, PhD
Edward J. Williams

Ex-Officio Trustees

John E. Carlstrom, PhD
The University of Chicago

Wendy L. Freedman, PhD
The University of Chicago

Nancy Emrich Freeman
Co-Chair, Adler Planetarium Friends of the Webster Institute

Michael P. Kelly
General Superintendent/CEO, Chicago Park District

Michelle B. Larson, PhD
President and CEO, Adler Planetarium

Sean B. Reynolds
Northwestern University

Margaret M. Sauer
President, Adler Planetarium Women’s Board

Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD
Northwestern University