Webcomic: A Balloon’s Journey to the Edge of Space

Reyhaneh (Rey) Maktoufi Visiting Researcher
Far Horizons Web Comic: Meet Defiance

The following is a webcomic created by Adler Visiting Researcher, Reheynah (Rey) Maktoufi! In this comic, you’ll meet Defiance, a payload box, who is about to journey to the edge of space with the Adler’s Far Horizons‘ team!

In loving memory of Poppy

Defiance remembers Poppy earlier that day in Stratosphere:

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Reyhaneh (Rey) Maktoufi Visiting Researcher

"I have a pet black hole called Steve. He occasionally crushes my world." Rey is a PhD candidate in Media, Technology, and Society at Northwestern University. Her main fields of interest are science communication, curiosity, and public engagement with scientists. She currently enjoys working with different nonprofits such as the Adler Planetarium as a communication workshop facilitator and the Communicating Science Conference (ComSciCon) as an organizer. She also engages in science outreach through writing blog-posts and making science comics. Follow her on Instagram and twitter @thecosmicrey

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