Citizen Science

Why Citizen Science?

citizen-science-1The amount of data collected by modern research equipment is often too large for any one person or small team of people to effectively analyze. Over the past several decades, scientists have explored partnering with the public to help do real science when human eyes and thinking are still better at analysis than computers.

The Adler’s Citizen Science department designs and develops web applications using data sets that would normally take a science team over 100 years to analyze and, with the help of a worldwide network of volunteers, complete the analysis with a high level of accuracy in weeks or months.

The Adler Planetarium is grateful to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for supporting Zooniverse initiatives. 

Featured Zooniverse Projects

Planet Hunters

Discover planets outside of our Solar System by observing lightcurve changes observed by the Kepler Space Telescope.

Planet Four

Help scientists explore the surface of Mars by measuring dust features on the planet’s surface.

Chicago Wildlife Watch

Help us understand how urban development affects local biodiversity by finding animals in pictures around Chicago!

Disk Detective

Join the search for planet forming disks to gain new insights into stellar evolution.

Radio Galaxy Zoo

Astronomers need your help to discover supermassive black holes.

Cyclone Center

Meteorologists need your help to rectify the global record of tropical cyclone intensity.