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The Adler ‘Scope


Adler Zooniverse Citizen Science Platform Honored By White House

Friday March 29th

Adler Zooniverse—the world’s largest and most popular platform for citizen science—recently won an award from the White House.

One person standing in front of a gray van with "Adler Planetarium" written on the van door and another person sitting inside the driver's seat of the van. In the background is the Adler Planetarium with a cloudy blue sky and a circular yellow logo with a gray car and "Astro Road Trip" written on it.

Astro Road Trip Brings Adler Planetarium Telescope Programming To Towns Across Southern Illinois Ahead Of The Total Solar Eclipse

Wednesday March 27th

Astro Road Trip brings telescope programming to communities across Southern Illinois in preparation for the April 8, 2024!

The famous Earthrise photo from the Apollo 8 mission. Image Credit: NASA

Earth Needs YOU (To Join An Adler Zooniverse Earth Science Project)

Tuesday March 26th

The Earth is counting on you not only during Earth Month, but all year long. Check out the latest Adler Zooniverse climate science projects.

The "diamond ring" phenomena occurs just before totality occurs, during a total solar eclipse. Image credit: Rick Fienberg / TravelQuest International / Wilderness Travel

Adler Skywatch: April 2024

Wednesday March 20th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout April , 2024? Learn about the total solar eclipse, the Lyrid meteor shower, Earth Day, and more.

A total solar eclipse is seen on August 21, 2017 above Madras, Oregon, USA. Image Credit: NASA/ Aubrey Gemignani

Everything You Need To Know About The April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Friday March 8th

Here’s everything you need to know about the April 8, 2024, partial solar eclipse or annular solar eclipse (depending on your location).

The Adler Planetarium’s fulldome planetarium sky show, Niyah and the Multiverse, which explores multiverse theories like many worlds, bubble universe, and shadow matter.

The Top Three Multiverse Theories: Many Worlds, Bubble Universes, And Shadow Matter

Friday February 23rd
Adler Planetarium Staff

What is multiverse theory? Dive deeper into the multiverse theories explored in the Adler Planetarium’s sky show, Niyah and the Multiverse—many worlds, bubble universes, and shadow matter theories.

The penumbral lunar eclipse as seen in Sun Valley, Idaho, on November 30, 2020. Image credit: Nils Ribi via, edited by the Adler Planetarium.

Adler Skywatch: March 2024

Wednesday February 21st
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout March, 2024? Learn about the spring equinox, the penumbral lunar eclipse, and what planets you can see in March.

the traditional New Moon, the earliest visible waxing crescent, which signals the start of a new month in many lunar and lunisolar calendars. Image credit: NASA Goddard

Adler Skywatch: February 2024

Wednesday January 24th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout February, 2024? Learn about why we can’t see the supermoon, the snow Moon, visible planets, and Leap Day!

A theater with seats that has a 360 degree screen and projected onto the screen is an image of a dark night sky with white star trials, a rainbow heartbeat pulse, and three pyramids.

Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ Fulldome Show Extended Through The End Of 2024

Friday January 19th

By popular demand, the Adler Planetarium has extended the run of legendary rock band Pink Floyd’s new fulldome planetarium show.

Person looking through telescope, observing two bright objects in the sky at dusk.

Adler Skywatch: January 2024

Wednesday December 27th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout January, 2024? Learn about perihelion, the Quadrantids meteor shower and the planets this month!


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