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The Adler ‘Scope

A silhouette of a person kneeling in front of a telescope, aimed at the night sky. The background shows a dark blue night sky with dim stars in the distance.

Adler Skywatch: July 2024

Wednesday June 26th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout July, 2024? Learn about aphelion and how to see the planets, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury.

In this illustration, a white dwarf star and a red giant star orbit each other, resulting in a nova similar to the T Coronae Borealis nova that is seen every 80 years. Image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Novas Vs. Supernovas: What’s The Difference?

Tuesday June 18th

What is the difference between a nova and a supernova, and what causes them to explode? Adler Astronomer, Dr. Geza Gyuk explains.

The Adler Planetarium on a sunny, summer day, with a line of guests on the museum steps. A bright blue sky contrasts the museum's yellow banners.

How To Get To The Adler Planetarium And Museum Campus During The 2024 NASCAR Chicago Street Races

Tuesday June 11th
Bella Mutert

How to get to the Adler Planetarium and the Museum Campus in Chicago during NASCAR Chicago Street Races July 6, July 7, 2024.

A cartoon Sun with sunglasses is hugging a smiling cartoon Earth in an Adler Planetarium infographic celebrating the 2024 summer solstice.

Adler Skywatch: June 2024

Thursday May 23rd
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout June, 2024? Learn about the summer solstice and how to see the planets, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury.

Artistic rendition of a black hole merging with a neutron star. Image credit: LIGO-India/ Soheb Mandhai

What Are Gravitational Waves And How They Helped Us Discover The “Mass Gap” Black Hole

Monday May 6th

What are gravitational waves, why they’re changing astrophysics, and how did they help us discover the mass gap black hole, GW230529?

An enhanced image of the constellation Boötes the Herdsman, with the lines between the stars drawn to show the constellation. Boötes the Herdsman will be visible in the east-southeast sky in May, 2024.

Adler Skywatch: May 2024

Wednesday April 24th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout May, 2024? Learn how to see Saturn, Mars, Mercury, and bright stars like Fomalhaut, Arcturus, and Spica.


Adler Zooniverse Citizen Science Platform Honored By White House

Friday March 29th

Adler Zooniverse—the world’s largest and most popular platform for citizen science—recently won an award from the White House.

One person standing in front of a gray van with "Adler Planetarium" written on the van door and another person sitting inside the driver's seat of the van. In the background is the Adler Planetarium with a cloudy blue sky and a circular yellow logo with a gray car and "Astro Road Trip" written on it.

Astro Road Trip Brings Adler Planetarium Telescope Programming To Towns Across Southern Illinois Ahead Of The Total Solar Eclipse

Wednesday March 27th

Astro Road Trip brings telescope programming to communities across Southern Illinois in preparation for the April 8, 2024!

The famous Earthrise photo from the Apollo 8 mission. Image Credit: NASA

Earth Needs YOU (To Join An Adler Zooniverse Earth Science Project)

Tuesday March 26th

The Earth is counting on you not only during Earth Month, but all year long. Check out the latest Adler Zooniverse climate science projects.

The "diamond ring" phenomena occurs just before totality occurs, during a total solar eclipse. Image credit: Rick Fienberg / TravelQuest International / Wilderness Travel

Adler Skywatch: April 2024

Wednesday March 20th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout April , 2024? Learn about the total solar eclipse, the Lyrid meteor shower, Earth Day, and more.


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