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Science needs YOU to become a citizen scientist.

What if we invited you to join a research team to explore the surface of Mars, go penguin-watching in Antarctica, or help scientists fight resistance to antibiotics? Or to travel back in time to look inside the notebooks of groundbreaking women in astronomy or help preserve the stories of American abolitionists in their letters to each other?

Well? Would you join the team?

If you answered “Yes!” but you’ve never studied history or biology or physics, don’t worry—you don’t need any special knowledge or training to volunteer with Adler Zooniverse. All you need is a computer or smartphone, an internet connection, and a curious mind.

Become a citizen scientist today at Zooniverse

A Research Community For Everyone

Adler Zooniverse connects people like you with real researchers and scientists. You can study images of faraway galaxies, historical records and diaries, videos of animals in their natural habitats, and other fascinating collections of words and images. Then, by answering a few simple questions, you’ll help researchers understand our universe, our planet, our history, and so much more.

Founded in 2007 by the Adler Planetarium and the University of Oxford, Adler Zooniverse connects research teams with more than 2.7 million volunteer “citizen scientists” all over the world. Together, our volunteers analyze data sets too tricky for computers to parse and too big for any research team to tackle on its own.

In 2024, the Adler Zooniverse platform became the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) champion of “Open Science to Advance Innovation” due to how the platform helps connect researchers with volunteers from anywhere around the globe to assist in processing large data sets of information for various research projects.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunities

Over half a dozen organizations to-date leverage Adler Zooniverse as an opportunity to fulfill their corporate social responsibility. Participation can fulfill service hour requirements for employees, graduation, scholarships, etc. A unique volunteer opportunity, participants take time to reflect on how their efforts (and the community’s collective efforts) are contributing to our understanding of our world and the broader universe. Email Contact@zooniverse.org to learn more about this initiative.

Thanks To Our Sponsors

The Adler Planetarium is grateful to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for supporting Zooniverse initiatives. 


Your all-access pass to our universe!

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