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Hello, teachers! Welcome to your go-to digital space for awesome space content. Created exclusively for teachers, the Adler’s Educator Hub aims to save you time by providing you with resources and information you need, when you need it. Browse the Adler Planetarium’s online resources by grade level, learn about our virtual learning experiences and in-person field trip options, and get ready to transport your students to the farthest reaches of their imagination.

Our planetarium’s educational programs combine open exploration with guided activities to spark wonder and joy in kids of all ages, all while making space science accessible and fun. We use astronomy and space science to show young people how science works, spark curiosity and creativity, share the human stories behind scientific discoveries, and give students the confidence to make discoveries on their own. Our Elementary School Resources, Middle School Resources, and High School Resources are updated about every three months to give you relevant, timely content.

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Apply To Become A Member Of Our Teacher Evaluator Group Or Teacher Advisor Group

Our educator team is looking for new members to join our two teacher groups!

Teacher Evaluators provide feedback on Adler’s School Experience through no more than two brief feedback requests per month, usually via surveys. All active or retired Pre-K–12 teachers or administrators from anywhere are welcomed and can join at any time.

Teacher Advisors work more in depth with the school experience team. They meet virtually every other month and also contribute about one hour of asynchronous work per month. The group is made of eight to ten active Pre-K–12 Chicagoland-area teachers.

Full details on both groups can be found on the interest form.

Digital Teacher Resources

Looking for materials to supplement your classroom curriculum? Browse our curated online educational resources—including lesson plans, activities, interactives, and media—and bring the universe to your students.

Activities are labeled with suggested grade level, curriculum standards, media category, short learning descriptions, and estimated length of time an activity should take.

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Field Trip Experiences at the Adler

Field trips at the Adler are fun, out-of-this-world learning experiences!

With two domed theaters, a selection of staff-facilitated activities, and 60,000 square feet of exhibitions at the museum, the Adler invites guests to become scientists, engineers, astronauts, and creative problem solvers. Customize your school group’s trip to make every visit unique!

Explore in-person field trips at the Adler


Your all-access pass to our universe!

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