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About Us

Collage of images of the Adler Planetarium throughout the years. On the left side is the Adler monogram with a faded yellow background.

Fun fact: we’re the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.

Located on Chicago’s lakeshore since 1930, the Adler Planetarium connects people to the universe and each other. Whether it is introducing a guest to the Ring Nebula, a neighborhood school to a community partner, a research team to a network of citizen scientists, or one staff member to another, the Adler’s focus on meaningful connections dates back nearly a century.

The museum typically hosts more than half a million visitors each year and reaches millions more through youth STEAM programs, neighborhood skywatching events, online citizen science, and other outreach efforts. Today, the Adler is bringing our unique approach—scientific exploration rooted in community and connection—to guests from around the world who can enjoy the digital Adler from their own homes, libraries, schools, or offices.

With the Adler’s support, people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities gain the confidence to explore their universe together and return to their communities ready to think critically and creatively about any challenge that comes their way.

Help Us Break Down Barriers To STEAM

What keeps people from becoming scientists—or even wanting to learn about science? What makes scientific spaces feel intimidating or unwelcoming? The barriers to entry can be as big as systemic discrimination or as small as a bad experience in a math class. But together, barriers make STEAM fields more homogenous, less effective, and less fun places than they could be.

Science is better when everyone does it together. That’s why the Adler Planetarium is working to break down the barriers that keep people out of scientific spaces. We make space where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can share their unique perspectives, explore the universe together, and practice skills they can carry with them into any profession or pursuit they choose.

We’re working to create a world where everyone can access our community and feel welcome once they’re in it. A world where differences are celebrated; where art and science converge; where every problem is solvable and everyone knows they have what it takes to help solve it.

Give a donation today to our non-profit to help us make space for everyone.


Your all-access pass to our universe!

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