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Tag: AstroFan

An artist's illustration of a brown dwarf. Image Credit: NASA

AstroFan: It’s a star! It’s a planet! No—it’s a brown dwarf?!

Monday June 24th
Bianca Anderson

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Our Universe is filled with strange objects that even scientists have trouble classifying. Read on to learn about brown dwarfs, the celestial objects that are kind of like a star and kind of like a planet but are actually neither. A wise man once said, “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”. That […]

A Model of 250,000 Galaxies and 40,000 Quasars


Monday May 27th
Bianca Anderson

Header Image Photo Credit: Mark Subbarao, Dinoj Surendran, and Randy Landsberg Hello! Welcome to our 4th AstroFan! The past few features have dealt with some of the coolest objects in space (neutron stars, our Moon, exoplanets, etc)—this feature of AstroFan is going to switch things up and focus on the actual SPACE around these objects, […]

Artist's Illustration of Trappist-1

AstroFan: A Planetary System Not So Far Away

Friday April 19th
Bianca Anderson

Header Image Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech It is only a few short weeks until my favorite holiday, May the 4th! A time for Star Wars fans to embrace the lore and celebrate the rich world created by George Lucas. In honor of this joyous occasion, I thought that it would be apropos for this AstroFan to […]

Photo Credit: NASA

AstroFan: Reimagining the Origins of the Moon with Synestia

Monday March 18th
Bianca Anderson

Hello again! Welcome to the second installment of our AstroFan series! This month’s topic focuses on Synestia, a molten HOT new theory regarding the origins of our Moon. If you’re like me and love action-packed collisions, then buckle up and enjoy this trip back in time to proto-Earth! A few weeks ago a colleague and […]

Bianca Anderson, Adler Planetarium

An Introduction to our Monthly Series “AstroFan” and Binary Neutron Stars

Monday February 18th
Bianca Anderson

Greetings! My name is Bianca and I work in marketing at the Adler Planetarium. I started here about three months ago in November 2018. Things you need to know about me: 1. I’m a Sci-Fi nerd2. And I think space is FREAKING awesome With that, I present to you my new monthly blog series “AstroFan”—I mean, how could I work in a SPACE […]


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