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Tag: astronomer

Pictures In The Sky

Tuesday June 16th
Pedro Raposo

Header Image: This celestial globe from the Adler Planetarium’s collection shows the 88 constellations and their corresponding boundaries—which are the light blue lines on the surface of this globe—defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).  On January 10, 2016, I was among the millions of music fans who staggered at the news that David Bowie […]

Moon rising over the Adler Planetarium

5 Things to Know About Supermoons

Friday February 28th
Megan Lothamer

Header Image: Moon rising above the Adler Planetarium. Image Credit: Chris Smith Update: This blog is revised each year with upcoming date of supermoons. In 2023, four supermoons will occur! But what is a supermoon exactly? And why is it so “super”? What Is a Supermoon? Supermoon is a nickname that describes a Full Moon […]

A group of Adler staff smile while posing in front of an inflatable Moon exhibition.

Adler Staff Share What Inspires Them

Saturday May 11th
Megan Lothamer

It’s Astronomy Day! On such a day we could seize the opportunity to talk about what it feels like to look up through a telescope or how our collections experts preserve centuries-old astrolabes or the latest updates on our Adler teen-led underwater meteorite hunt… but as I watch the people around me do what they […]

“There is no Plan(et) B”: An Astronomer’s Ode to Earth

Monday April 22nd
Lucianne Walkowicz

Featured image: our beautiful Earth taken from the edge of space by our very own Far Horizons team & Adler Teens! As an astronomer who researches planets around other stars as well as the planets in our Solar System, I often get asked: “What’s your favorite planet?” I think many people expect that I’ll name […]


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