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Tag: Captain Lovell

Senior Writer Aubrey Henretty interviews Captain Lovell in 2016.

When a Crisis Hits, Remember What Capt. Lovell Said

Monday April 13th
Aubrey Henretty

Header Image: Senior Writer Aubrey Henretty interviews Captain Lovell in 2016. It was the second week at home when I remembered what Capt. Lovell said about surviving Apollo 13. The first week had been a blur of stress-cleaning, stress-cardio, hyperproductivity, and Apocalypse Lentil Soup. I am an anxious person even in non-pandemic times, and I […]

Apollo 13 crew returning home after their ocean landing.

Inside Apollo 13

Monday March 30th
Andrew Johnston

Header Image: Apollo 13 crew returning home after their ocean landing. Image Credit: NASA This month marks the 50th anniversary of the harrowing Apollo 13 mission, which was dangerous and unprecedented. Today, our world faces a very different kind of crisis, but one that is equally unprecedented, with the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. […]

Hudson touching a real meteorite in 2014

The tale of an Adler Planetarium family: It’s not (all) about the kids

Tuesday May 28th
Megan Lothamer

We’ve been an Adler family since our son, Hudson, picked up his first toy space shuttle and never put it down. I remember his first trip—when he was perhaps three years old—and the look of wonder on his face as it dawned on him that the rockets, the planets, the stars, and moon were all […]

Happy Valentine’s Day “With Love, from the Man on the Moon”

Thursday February 14th
Adler Planetarium Staff

Author: Carlyn Hill (Former Content Strategist)   The greatest love story on Earth didn’t take place on Earth at all—it happened 238,900 away from Earth on our celestial neighbor! In honor of Valentine’s Day, read about the grand romantic gesture Captain James A. Lovell Jr. made while orbiting the Moon on Apollo 8. “You want […]

"We Choose to go to the Moon" - John F. Kennedy

Navigating to the Moon and Back: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 8

Tuesday December 11th
Megan Lothamer

It’s strange to imagine, but humans left the vicinity of the Earth for the first time just 50 years ago this month. The Apollo 8 flight was an incredible feat of exploration that required astronauts to navigate using sextants and radio signals. Highlights from this 6-day mission include the successful (and difficult) placement of the […]


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