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Tag: Chicago’s Night Sky

Pictures In The Sky

Tuesday June 16th
Pedro Raposo

Header Image: This celestial globe from the Adler Planetarium’s collection shows the 88 constellations and their corresponding boundaries—which are the light blue lines on the surface of this globe—defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).  On January 10, 2016, I was among the millions of music fans who staggered at the news that David Bowie […]

Constellation identification in The Adler Planetarium's Mapping Historic Skies interactive Zooniverse experience.

Mapping Historic Skies with Zooniverse

Friday March 27th
Adler Planetarium Staff

The Adler Planetarium’s newest exhibition, Chicago’s Night Sky, contains a first for the museum – an interactive experience that partners the Adler’s historic collection with the Zooniverse team. Learn about this Adler Zooniverse research project!


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