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Tag: galaxies

Social Distancing For Galaxies

Friday August 7th
Aubrey Henretty

Header Image: The original image of galaxies NGC 6285 (left) and NGC 6286 (right) was taken by NASA Hubble. Image Edit: Adler Planetarium We all know that social distancing is a good way to avoid catching (or spreading) a virus, but what if the stakes were even higher? What if standing too close to someone […]

Hubble Deep Field Image

AstroFan: Galaxy Types!

Friday January 24th
Bianca Anderson

Header Caption: This Hubble Deep Field image shows a snapshot of the diverse types of galaxies in our universe. Image Credit: NASA/JPL/STScI Hubble Deep Field Team Did you know that up until the last century, humans believed that our Milky Way was the only galaxy in the known universe? Today, we now know that this […]

Adler After Dark: Out in Space | June 20, 2019

Meet “Out in Space” Panelist: Bryan Terrazas

Tuesday June 18th
Megan Lothamer

Meet Dr. Bryan A. Terrazas, NSF Fellow and Rackham Merit Fellow in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Michigan, at Adler After Dark: Out in Space! Dr. Terrazas will be featured in a panel discussion about the importance of having a broad range of perspectives in the scientific community. Why have you chosen […]


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