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Tag: Rocket

Create your own stomp rocket with supplies from around your house and launch it outside!

Grab Your Supplies, It’s Stomp Rocket Time

Friday August 14th
Sarah Smail

Header Image: Make your own stomp rocket and stomp rocket launcher with supplies from around your house and launch it outside! When I’m looking to combine a little bit of learning with a lot of fun, stomp rockets are my go-to. As the Manager of Program Development, I include them in Adler’s camp activity list […]

Hudson touching a real meteorite in 2014

The tale of an Adler Planetarium family: It’s not (all) about the kids

Tuesday May 28th
Megan Lothamer

We’ve been an Adler family since our son, Hudson, picked up his first toy space shuttle and never put it down. I remember his first trip—when he was perhaps three years old—and the look of wonder on his face as it dawned on him that the rockets, the planets, the stars, and moon were all […]

The First Planetarium in Space

Friday May 17th
Megan Lothamer

By Jesus Garcia (Electronics Design System Engineer and Educator) and Dr. Geza Gyuk (Astronomer). On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Adler sent its first mission to space! This ambitious project was a collaboration between students, scientists, and volunteers from around Chicagoland. Last spring, students from the ITW David Speer Academy, a public four-year charter high […]


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