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Tag: tech

Meet Spencer Gore, Founder and CEO of Impossible Airspace and former Adler Teen Intern

Former Adler intern aims to clean up air travel with ‘impossible’ tech

Wednesday July 24th
Aubrey Henretty

A decade ago, Spencer Gore was a teen intern at the Adler, where he spent summer days designing a stabilization system for the cameras that fly on Far Horizons flights. On the long bus rides back to Union Station, he would dream up fantastical feats of engineering with Adler astronomer Geza Gyuk. Could you control […]

Meet Spacesuit Designer Bob Davidson

Friday July 19th
Aubrey Henretty

Imagine you are called into a meeting about a job. The job is completely different from any job you’ve ever had. It’s not an anxiety dream—this is really happening!—so you do what any responsible, awake person would do: You tell the other people in the meeting you have no idea how to do this job. […]


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