Adler Astronomy Live

Adler Astronomy Live

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Adler Astronomy Live gives science enthusiasts and amateurs alike unique opportunities to interact with astronomers and science historians. This every-other-weekly series features diverse voices in STEM, eye-popping space visualizations, cutting edge research, space science news, and the human stories behind scientific discoveries!

No tickets or reservations required to attend Adler Astronomy Live. All you need is an internet connection and access to YouTube!

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Adler Astronomy Live takes place every other Thursday at 12:00 pm CT and last around 45 minutes. We will release topics information four weeks prior to an event. See past episodes in our YouTube playlist.

November 19: Animal Constellations and Renaissance Art

“The least lion-looking Leo I have ever seen!”

Historical depictions of constellations representing animals and mythical creatures often strike the viewer with their fanciful and intriguing appearance. Where do such renditions come from, and how do they relate to knowledge about animals and their portrayal in art? Join us for a conversation with Dr. Suzanne Karr-Schmidt on art, astronomy, animals, and print culture in the Renaissance, and get a glimpse into some of the most remarkable star charts, celestial globes, and prints in the collections of both the Adler Planetarium and the Newberry Library. Set a reminder on YouTube.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do Adler Astronomy Live events happen?

Adler Astronomy Live events are every other Thursday at 12:00 pm CT on YouTube.

How can I get notified about each event?

Since these live videos take place on our YouTube channel, the best way to get notified is to subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on updates.

If you’re unsure how to set YouTube notifications, check out this guide on how to manage them from your account.

How do I interact with the speakers or submit questions about the event topic?

To interact with our speakers during an event, you can write a comment in the YouTube live chat. We try to answer as many questions as possible!

You can also ask us questions on social media by tagging @adlerplanet + #AskAdler or email us at (For more information on Ask Adler, visit our Ask Adler resources page.)

I would love more info on a topic talked about in Adler Astronomy Live—where should I look for more information?

You can do follow up research on the internet, but if you have burning questions that are hard to find answers to can email your question to our astronomy team at Our astronomers love talking space!

Note that you can usually expect a response within a week, but we ask for your patience and understanding if high volumes of emails make response times longer.


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