Summer Sky Shows

beautiful galaxy imagery in the Definiti Space Theater

This summer, we’re back with our famous (and award-winning) sky shows under our iconic dome theater.

Beautiful. Mysterious. Cosmic. Our sky shows give you a front row seat to observe our universe, like you never have before. Book your tickets for a weekend show today! Tickets can only be purchased in advance and online. Tickets will not be for sale on-site. At this time, CityPASS and Go Chicago cards are not able to be redeemed. All other museum experiences and exhibitions will remain closed until March 2022. More information around full museum reopening can be found here.



Showtimes are 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:15 pm, and 1:15 pm for each date listed below.
All times are listed in CT

July 3* SOLD OUT
July 4* SOLD OUT
July 10* SOLD OUT
July 11* SOLD OUT
July 17* SOLD OUT
July 18* SOLD OUT
July 24 SOLD OUT
July 25
July 31

*Illinois Resident Discount Day. On these particular days, Illinois residents are free; registration required.


Showtimes are 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:15 pm, and 1:15 pm for each date listed below.
All times are listed in CT.

August 1
August 7
August 8
August 14
August 15
August 21
August 22
August 28
August 29

Be a masked hero! Guests who are fully vaccinated, you’ve already ascended to hero status and for you, masks are optional. Guests who are not fully vaccinated (including those under 12), masks are required for your safety and the safety of those around you.



The Moon has been a source of wonder for all of human history

Adler’s newest sky show, Imagine the Moon, explores how the Moon has inspired human creativity, learning, and exploration ever since we have looked to the sky.

Each discovery has brought new opportunities to contemplate and imagine, until, driven by dreams, we left Earth and went there in the amazing journeys that culminated in astronauts walking on the Moon. People have imagined the Moon as a glowing disk in the sky, a destination in space, and a world that shares its origin with the Earth. The power of human imagination continues to inspire our relationship with the Moon as our partner in space and companion in our sky.

Run Time: approximately 30 minutes

The Adler’s view of downtown Chicago is magnificent, but the lights of the city make it a little tough to see the ones in the sky. What’s a stargazer to do? Join us for Skywatch Live!

In this show, your live presenter will turn down the city lights and crank up the stars to show you the night sky over Chicago like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll learn how to navigate by starlight, get to know the stars behind your favorite constellations, and witness the incomprehensible vastness of the Universe without ever leaving your seat.

Our view of the real sky shifts each day as Earth makes its way around the Sun, and so does the model sky in Skywatch Live! Every day, the show matches the view of the sky directly over Chicago on that day, so you’ll get a new perspective on the Universe every time you return.

Run Time: approximately 30 minutes


Your all-access pass to our universe!

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