Niyah and the Multiverse

Dome theater showing the Niyah and the Multiverse sky show with people in seats looking up at the screen

Follow Niyah, an imaginative Chicago pre-teen, on a visually stunning Afrofuturist journey through the multiverse!

If there are countless other universes out there, where does Niyah fit in? What about you? Niyah lives in a city called Chicago on a planet called Earth, and she has a lot of questions about space and time. How can a special mask help us understand who we are in the world? Do we really need ALL the laws of physics? How is the multiverse like the blues?

With stories from her parents and ancestors, her favorite comic books, and her science class swirling around in her imagination, Niyah comes face-to-face with her grown-up self—an astrophysicist who studies multiverse theories!

Join Niyah (present and future), her friend Luis, and a curious cat named Bast on an Afrofuturist journey through the multiverse! Find out what shape your shadow matter might take and get inspired to dream up multiverse theories of your own.

Niyah and the Multiverse is the capstone of a years-long collaboration between the Adler team and experts in Afrofuturism and African cultures. The show features an original script by Chicago-based writers Taylor Witten and Ytasha Womack; the talent of local voice actors; and art, music, and photography from local and international partners.

Please be advised: this show may also cause motion sickness.

Run Time: approximately 30 minutes



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