Host a Viewing Party

Each Kavli Fulldome Lecture features dazzling, animated images of real data projected onto the planetarium dome. Instead of raw data in charts and graphs, you might see the orbits of trans-Neptunian objects converge in the distant past or a gravitational wave rippling through spacetime.

All Kavli Fulldome Lectures are now being live-streamed via YouTube 360°! Groups and individuals have the opportunity to participate from outside the Adler by hosting viewing parties or watching from home.

Google Cardboard Set
Example of Google Cardboard, which can we used to view Kavli Fulldome Lectures via Google 360°.

Participate as a Group

Host a Viewing Party

Host your own viewing party, wherever you are: all your guests need is a smartphone and a VR device like Google Cardboard. Interested in getting Adler Planetarium-Kavli Lecture Series-branded VR devices for your event? Let us know!

Participate as an Individual

From the Comfort of Home

You don’t have to be a venue or a host to experience one of our Kavli Fulldome Lectures live! Just grab your smartphone and a VR device (like Google Cardboard above!), then follow our set-up instructions to enjoy viaYouTube 360°.