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Category: Astronomy

A Model of 250,000 Galaxies and 40,000 Quasars


Monday May 27th
Bianca Anderson

Header Image Photo Credit: Mark Subbarao, Dinoj Surendran, and Randy Landsberg Hello! Welcome to our 4th AstroFan! The past few features have dealt with some of the coolest objects in space (neutron stars, our Moon, exoplanets, etc)—this feature of AstroFan is going to switch things up and focus on the actual SPACE around these objects, […]

The First Planetarium in Space

Friday May 17th
Megan Lothamer

By Jesus Garcia (Electronics Design System Engineer and Educator) and Dr. Geza Gyuk (Astronomer). On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the Adler sent its first mission to space! This ambitious project was a collaboration between students, scientists, and volunteers from around Chicagoland. Last spring, students from the ITW David Speer Academy, a public four-year charter high […]

A group of Adler staff smile while posing in front of an inflatable Moon exhibition.

Adler Staff Share What Inspires Them

Saturday May 11th
Megan Lothamer

It’s Astronomy Day! On such a day we could seize the opportunity to talk about what it feels like to look up through a telescope or how our collections experts preserve centuries-old astrolabes or the latest updates on our Adler teen-led underwater meteorite hunt… but as I watch the people around me do what they […]

First Image of a Black Hole - Event Horizon Team

Webcomic: “That Black Hole Picture” 101

Thursday May 2nd
Rey Maktoufi

The following is a webcomic created by Adler Visiting Researcher, Reheynah (Rey) Maktoufi! In this comic, learn about the recent black hole picture that was taken by the Event Horizon Telescope team. Special thanks to Dr. Geza Gyuk, Michelle Nichols, Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase, Steve Burkland, and Orilla Fetro. Header Image: Scientists have obtained the first […]

“There is no Plan(et) B”: An Astronomer’s Ode to Earth

Monday April 22nd
Lucianne Walkowicz

Featured image: our beautiful Earth taken from the edge of space by our very own Far Horizons team & Adler Teens! As an astronomer who researches planets around other stars as well as the planets in our Solar System, I often get asked: “What’s your favorite planet?” I think many people expect that I’ll name […]

Artist's Illustration of Trappist-1

AstroFan: A Planetary System Not So Far Away

Friday April 19th
Bianca Anderson

Header Image Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech It is only a few short weeks until my favorite holiday, May the 4th! A time for Star Wars fans to embrace the lore and celebrate the rich world created by George Lucas. In honor of this joyous occasion, I thought that it would be apropos for this AstroFan to […]

First Image of a Black Hole - Event Horizon Team

Scientists release first close-up photo of a black hole

Wednesday April 10th
Megan Lothamer

Black Holes are incredible beasts… Nothing can escape from them and yet they power quasars—the brightest beacons in the Universe. They warp space, bending light, and slow time to a stopping point. In their hearts lurks a singularity where the laws of physics break down. But they are shrouded in mystery. We have lots of […]

Grace Wolf-Chase MTS Science Lecture | Photo Credit: Tricia Koning Photography

The Universe that unites us

Saturday March 30th
Aubrey Henretty

Header Image: Grace Wolf-Chase giving a lecture at McCormick Theological Seminary, February 2019. Photo Credit: Tricia Koning Photography It’s a Thursday night in February and I am seated in a classroom at McCormick Theological Seminary in Hyde Park, waiting for a science lecture to begin. At this moment in history, when so much of our […]

Photo of stars in the night sky on Sark Island, July, 2018. Photo Credit: Meredith Stepien

Have You Ever Really Seen the Stars?

Thursday March 28th
Megan Lothamer

When was the last time you saw more than five stars in the night sky? More than ten? Twenty? How about the Milky Way? Ever looked up a vast, hazy band of light that trails from one end of the night sky to the other and felt as though the heavens were reaching down toward […]

Mapping the Cretaceous Sky in SUE’s New Exhibit

Monday March 25th
Nick Lake

Header Image: SUE in the brand-new exhibit at the Field Museum with the night sky display in the background When Chicago icon SUE the T. rex had a new exhibit designed, our very own Nick Lake used his expertise and Adler’s technology to map what a Cretaceous sky might have looked like in SUE’s time. […]


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