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Tag: How to see

Person looking through telescope, observing two bright objects in the sky at dusk.

Adler Skywatch: January 2024

Wednesday December 27th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout January, 2024? Learn about perihelion, the Quadrantids meteor shower and the planets this month!

A winter landscape where the Sun shines through branches of a frozen tree, during sunset on the winter solstice.

Adler Skywatch: December 2023

Tuesday November 28th
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout December 2023? See the Geminid Meteor Shower, the winter solstice, the full cold Moon, and more!

The Sun setting perfectly in between skyscrapers down an east-west facing street in Chicago, Illinois. Due to the grid orientation in the City of Chicago, during an equinox the Sun sets perfectly down the middle of the city’s streets—a phenomenon known as Chicagohenge. Image credit: Raf Winterpacht (@rafwinterpacht on Instagram)

Adler Skywatch: September 2023

Wednesday August 23rd
Karen Donnelly

Adler Skywatch: What’s in the sky throughout August 2023? See Chicagohenge, the super harvest Moon, the spring equinox, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.

A total solar eclipse is seen on August 21, 2017 above Madras, Oregon, USA. Image Credit: NASA/ Aubrey Gemignani

Different Types Of Solar Eclipses Explained

Tuesday August 22nd
Bella Mutert

What is the difference between a total solar eclipse, an annular solar eclipse, and a partial solar eclipse? We discuss the different types of solar eclipses, what a solar eclipse is, and how to see the October 14, 2023 and April 8, 2024 eclipses!


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