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Tag: Lake Michigan

Adler Teens venture onto lake Michigan in 2019 looking for fragments of a meteorite!

Aquarius Project Update: The Lab Results Are In

Saturday June 11th
Aubrey Henretty

Header Image: Adler Teens venture onto Lake Michigan in 2019 looking for fragments of a meteorite! Listen. It’s been five years since a meteor crashed into Lake Michigan and a team of Adler teens, scientists, and other determined meteorite hunters decided to go after it.  The odds were stacked against them at basically every turn. […]

A Day Aboard the Neeskay

Wednesday August 21st
Jonathan Russell

This July, I had the pleasure of joining a small group of teen interns, scientists, and podcasters onboard the research vessel Neeskay. As a lover of maritime history, open water, and Moby Dick, it was something of a wish-fulfillment for me. Like the infamous Captain Ahab and his motley crew, we were in search of […]


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