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Tag: light pollution

Youth Organization for Lights Out (YOLO) teens presenting a photovoice project on light pollution in Chicago.

Adler Teens Are Protecting Dark Night Skies By Studying Light Pollution In Chicago’s Little Village

Wednesday July 12th
Waleska Valle

Learn how Adler Teens are combatting light pollution in Chicago with Youth Organization For Lights Out in the Adler Planetarium’s exhibit, Chicago’s Night Sky.

Adler Planetarium 24" reflecting telescope in the Doane Observatory after installation in 2020.

Fun Facts About The Adler Planetarium’s Doane Observatory Telescope In Chicago

Monday January 23rd
Michelle Nichols

Header Image: Adler Planetarium 24″ reflecting telescope in the Doane Observatory after installation in 2020. Did you know the Doane Observatory is home to the largest publicly accessible telescope in Chicago? Since opening in 1977, the observatory in Chicago has had several telescopes within its walls, and these telescopes have given Chicagoans the opportunity to […]

The Far Horizons display in the Chicago's Night Sky exhibit.

What Goes Up…

Thursday December 12th
Ken Walczak

Header Image: The Adler Planetarium’s new exhibit, Chicago’s Night Sky, features a Far Horizons high altitude balloon and an image of the city of Chicago at night from above. When was the last time you took the time to notice your night sky? If you live in or near the City of Chicago—or any large […]

YOLO Teens Talk Light Pollution

Monday May 20th
Rosalía Lugo

Youth Organization for Lights Out (YOLO) is a STEM civic action program created to empower high school youth to advocate within their community about a single environmental issue: light pollution. The program began in a biology class at World Language High School located in Chicago’s South Lawndale neighborhood. It has evolved into an afterschool program […]

Far Horizons flight 118

Mission NiteLite: Rescuing the Night Sky

Thursday April 25th
Ken Walczak

Header Photo: Overhead image of Kankakee/Bradley, IL from Far Horizons high-altitude balloon test flight 118 on April 29, 2018. The image was shot from 24.5 kilometers up into the stratosphere. This flight was the first successful NiteLite test flight, proving that mapping light pollution in Chicago would be a possibility. Since the dawn of humanity, […]

YOLO at Indiana Dunes taking readings with an SQM

Just How Dark is the Night?

Monday October 22nd
Megan Lothamer

Changes are coming to Chicago’s nights. The city is replacing streetlights with a new generation of lighting. These new lights will change how our neighborhoods look and how we view the sky. Will new lighting worsen light pollution? How can we help keep the stars visible for Chicago? Learn how the Adler Planetarium is helping […]

#LookUp andLend a Hand map

#LookUp and Lend a Hand

Monday October 22nd
Michelle Nichols

Light pollution is a problem that affects 99 percent of the U.S. population in some way; and two-thirds of us cannot see the Milky Way in our night skies. Light pollution has been shown to affect human health, wildlife, and ecosystems; and billions of dollars are wasted each year as our lights are pointed upward. […]


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