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Tag: meteor

Night photography set up with Comet NEOWISE in the background.

Adler Skywatch: January 2021

Thursday December 24th
Karen Donnelly

Header Image: Night photography set up with Comet NEOWISE in the background, taken in July 2020. Image Credit: Nick Lake It’s the beginning of 2021, stargazers! Earth is in the “just-right” zone for life to form—it orbits not too far from the Sun, and not too close. However, Earth’s distance from the Sun varies slightly […]

A Day Aboard the Neeskay

Wednesday August 21st
Jonathan Russell

This July, I had the pleasure of joining a small group of teen interns, scientists, and podcasters onboard the research vessel Neeskay. As a lover of maritime history, open water, and Moby Dick, it was something of a wish-fulfillment for me. Like the infamous Captain Ahab and his motley crew, we were in search of […]

Tunguska: Unraveling the Mystery

Saturday June 29th
Megan Lothamer

Setting: Tuesday, June 30, 1908, around 7:15 am. A remote forest near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Siberia. A large fireball streaks through the sky followed by an intense wave of heat felt up to 40 miles away. A loud explosion. The ground shakes. Silence. If the playwrights of today were to write a theatrical […]

20,000 Leagues UNDER THE STARS with The Aquarius Project

20,000 Leagues Under the Stars

Monday October 22nd
Chris Bresky

A year ago, an incredibly common thing happened. A large meteor entered our atmosphere over the Midwest, exploded, and rained down hundreds of meteorites into Lake Michigan. Thousands of meteorites fall to Earth every year; this on paper isn’t all that astounding. What’s even more common is that it landed in water. About 71 percent […]


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