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Tag: Star Wars

Why Do All Aliens In Star Wars Have Faces?

Wednesday May 4th
Colleen Cesaretti

Header Image: Three Tusken Raider cosplayers sitting on the steps outside the Adler Planetarium for the 2014 Adler After Dark: Geek Chic event. As we were preparing to celebrate Star Wars Day, Adler Astronomer Dr. Geza Gyuk raised a very interesting scientific question about the Star Wars universe: Why do all the aliens in Star Wars […]

Chewbacca standing outside the Adler Planetarium looking out at the Chicago skyline during an Adler After Dark event. Image Credit: Katie Sater

May the 4th (And The Puns) Be With You

Monday May 4th
Colleen Cesaretti

Happy Star Wars Day! This epic saga has been inspiring people all around the globe—including Adler Planetarium staff—since 1977. Our staff celebrated this intergalactic holiday by sharing some of their favorite Star Wars memories. May the force be with you and remember—yoda best! “I’ve loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember! Two […]

An artist’s illustration of Kepler-452b.

Exoplanets: Sci-Fi vs. Fact

Thursday December 5th
Grace Wolf-Chase, Ph.D.

Header Image: An artist’s illustration of Kepler-452b. Image Credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle Editor’s Note: Updated in May 2023. I was an undergraduate physics major at Cornell University, with my eye on a career in astronomy, when I saw the original Star Wars movie following its release in 1977. A rather famous astronomer and science popularizer […]

Artist's Illustration of Trappist-1

AstroFan: A Planetary System Not So Far Away

Friday April 19th
Bianca Anderson

Header Image Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech It is only a few short weeks until my favorite holiday, May the 4th! A time for Star Wars fans to embrace the lore and celebrate the rich world created by George Lucas. In honor of this joyous occasion, I thought that it would be apropos for this AstroFan to […]


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