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Tag: Stargazing

NASA's Hubble Telescope image of Jupiter

Adler Skywatch: April 2022

Thursday March 24th
Karen Donnelly

Header Image: Hubble’s new portrait of Jupiter. Header Image Credit: NASA, ESA, A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center), and M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley). Before dawn breaks each morning, take a look at what is rising before the Sun this month, April 2022.   The first week of the month, the brightest planet, Venus, and […]

Adler Planetarium graphic depicting the fall celestial event, Chicagohenge.

Adler Skywatch: March 2022

Thursday February 24th
Karen Donnelly

Header Image: Adler Planetarium’s Lookup graphic depicting the spring and fall celestial event, Chicagohenge It’s time to “spring forward” and experience one of Chicago’s most picturesque sky highlights this month, March 2022. Daylight Saving time for 2022 starts March 13, at 2:00 am local time. On this morning we “spring-forward” by setting our clocks ahead […]

The full Moon and the Willis Tower

Adler Skywatch: October 2021

Friday September 24th
Karen Donnelly

Header Image: The full Moon appearing right above the Willis Tower in Chicago. Image Credit: Nick Lake The brightest planet in the night sky gets a little brighter every night this month, October 2021. Venus is the brightest planet, and this month it’s easily spotted low in the southwest shortly after sunset. Though it’s bright, […]

Eclipse of the Sun illustration from the Adler Planetarium's collections

Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses Explained

Wednesday April 28th
Michelle Nichols

Header Image: Eclipse of the Sun illustration from the Adler Planetarium’s Collections Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in April 2021 and was updated in April 2022 with more current information. There are several topics in astronomy that get lots of people excited: naked-eye visible comets, bright planets, auroras…but eclipses are generally at the […]

Up close image of the Moon taken by an Adler Planetarium astronomer in June 2020. Image Credit: Michelle Nichols

Adler Skywatch: April 2021

Thursday March 25th
Karen Donnelly

Traditionally April’s Full Moon has been called the “Pink Moon,” for the flowers that begin to bloom in the warmer weather. However, some people will be calling it a “Supermoon” this month, April 2021. The Moon’s orbit around the Earth isn’t a perfect circle; sometimes the Moon is further away from Earth, sometimes it’s closer. […]

Night photography set up with Comet NEOWISE in the background.

Adler Skywatch: January 2021

Thursday December 24th
Karen Donnelly

Header Image: Night photography set up with Comet NEOWISE in the background, taken in July 2020. Image Credit: Nick Lake It’s the beginning of 2021, stargazers! Earth is in the “just-right” zone for life to form—it orbits not too far from the Sun, and not too close. However, Earth’s distance from the Sun varies slightly […]

An attendee looking through a telescope during a ‘Scopes In The City neighborhood event with the Adler Planetarium.

Stargazing Resources: A Few Good Books

Monday October 26th
Michelle Nichols

Header Image: An attendee looking through a telescope during a ‘Scopes In The City neighborhood event with the Adler Planetarium in 2018. Hi there! I’m Michelle Nichols the Director of Public Observing and an astronomy educator at the Adler Planetarium. Are you a sky observing beginner and want some recommendations on how to get started? […]


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