Wow! Signal

WOW! Signal Adler diorama

The Space Comedy Show You Need Right Now

The Wow! Signal is the only space-science-musical, silent-film, animated, sentient-spaghetti-starring, lightly educational comedy sketch show on the internet produced by the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere!

Our heroes Lucianne, Chris, and Meredith investigate a mysterious Wow! Signal that came down from the sky. Where could the signal be coming from? Aliens? Perhaps a black hole? What about the Moon? Laugh along with our team for some much needed space science fun.

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Stellar Reviews

“Kind of hard to pick a favorite [skit] when the whole episode is so enjoyable to watch.”

“Loved the episode. My favourite songs were “The Most Embarrassing Version of You” and “Death of Heat” because you’ve gotta love some not so optimistic pep talks.”

Watch the Wow! Signal Right Now

Wow! Signal Episode 7: Time Travel

Time machines! Talking dogs! A bowl of chips!

Wow! Signal Episode 6: Telescopes

Comet Caroline! Astrophotography! A tiny Chris!

Wow! Signal Episode 5: Parallel Universe Musical Extravaganza

Mysterious vortex! Other universes! Everybody sings!

Wow! Signal Episode 4: Constellations of the Zodiac

Constellations! The Zodiac! Conspiracy?

Wow! Signal Episode 3: Earthlings in Space

Cats! Squirrels! Space toilets!

Wow! Signal Episode 2: Aliens

Aliens! Pancakes! Tardigrades!

Wow! Signal Episode 1: Black Holes:

Black holes! Dangerous musical adventure! Spaghetti!

Meet the Team Behind the Wow! Signal

Check out the video below to meet the seriously passionate, incredibly unique, wickedly talented Adlerites behind the space-comedy-musical-variety show that’s all the rage. Hear how it all  came together from the team that made it happen. 


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