WOW! Signal

WOW! Signal Adler diorama

The Space Comedy Show You Need Right Now

When the city of Chicago shut down in March 2020, Lucianne, Chris, and Meredith got stuck inside the Adler Planetarium together. Then, a mysterious signal came down from the sky. Where could the signal be coming from? The team investigates.

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The Wow! Signal is a production of the Adler Planetarium—the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere! It is also the only space-science-musical, silent-film, animated, sentient-spaghetti-starring, lightly educational sketch show on the internet. 

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Episode 5: Parallel Universe Musical Extravaganza
Mysterious vortex! Other universes! Everybody sings!

Premieres Tuesday, June 29.

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Episode 4: Constellations of the Zodiac
Constellations! The Zodiac! Conspiracy?

Episode 3: Earthlings in Space
Cats! Squirrels! Space toilets!

Episode 2: Aliens
Aliens! Pancakes! Tardigrades!

Episode 1: Black Holes:
Black holes! Dangerous musical adventure! Spaghetti!

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Pillow forts in space. Galactic Pumpkins and Watercolors

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Meet the Team Behind the WOW! Signal

Check out the video below to meet the seriously passionate, incredibly unique, wickedly talented Adlerites behind the space-comedy-musical-variety show that’s all the rage. Hear how it all  came together from the team that made it happen. 


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