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Wow! Signal

WOW! Signal Adler diorama

The Space Comedy Show You Need Right Now

Wow! Signal is the only space-science-musical, silent-film, animated, sentient-spaghetti-starring, lightly educational comedy sketch show on the internet for adults produced by the first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere! Laugh along with our team for some much needed space science fun.

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Previous Wow! Signal Episodes

Dark Matter

Is the cosmic web of dark matter like a spider’s web? A spooky song will reveal the answer. Also: An astrophysicist and a bedbug expert walk into a panel discussion. Two ghosts argue about what they’re made of. Dark matter is tired of humans telling it what it is. The curious astronaut returns!

The Moon

This very Moon-ificent episode of Wow! Signal has all of the Moon content you didn’t know you needed!

A dog (and a Moon) called Luna are serenaded. An anxious werewolf investigates the full Moon’s influence on Earth. Against Meredith’s very sound advice, Chadler pursues an exciting (paleo!) marketing opportunity in space. And when the Moon suddenly disappears, the world’s moths and retro pop singers struggle to adapt.

Time Travel

Time flies when you’re…well, traveling through time watching this episode of the Wow! Signal.

Lucianne races to rescue the fabric of spacetime from an omniscient AI. Future Meredith saves Present Meredith from a terrible fate. Relativity ruins what could have been the perfect love story. Chris falls into a cardboard vortex where he finds out why he can’t use his time machine to change history.


Telescopes: what mysteries can these clever tubes and circles reveal to us in this episode of the Wow! Signal?

Stacey Quasar interviews Chicago celebrity, Skywatch Wednesday host, and astrophotographer Nick Lake. Former Adler Planetarium curator Pedro Raposo counsels a tiny Chris. Caroline Herschel sings about comets and how cool she is.

Parallel Universe Musical Extravaganza

Oops. In this episode of the Wow! Signal, our heroes are trapped in a parallel universe where everything is a nonstop musical.

Chris pulls a lever that transports them all to this alternative reality. The Curious Astronaut explores bubbles on the quantum foam. A singing piano man in the sky tells Lucianne, Chris, and Meredith that somewhere in the multiverse there is a more embarrassing version of themselves. Stacey Quasar, Professor Renee Hlozek and and Dr. Tyler Natoli sing about the inevitable heat death of the universe.

Constellations of the Zodiac

Lucianne, Chris, and Meredith suspect the constellations of the zodiac may be in trouble! Could they have been sending the Wow! signal this whole time?

Ever wondered how you got your astrological sign? Meredith sings Chris a birthday song to help explain. The team channels The X-Files for help in the search of the missing constellations. A witch uses astrology to predict Brian’s future. The Dinky Rake talks to the stars. We sing a song about Ophiuchus’ toes.

Earthlings in Space

The Wow! signal continues to baffle the team stuck inside the Adler. Could it be earthlings in space?

A couple toilets have a battle of wits. Lucianne explains why you should think twice about that cat gif you’re about to send. Chadler shares his fitness secrets in his newest vlog. The curious astronaut discovers a new life sustaining liquid. Stacy Quasar interviews Dr. Sian Proctor, author of Meals for Mars, with questions about the mysteries of…food.


Lucianne, Chris, and Meredith continue to investigate the mysterious signal that came down from the sky. After weird things begin happening around the museum, they wonder, could it be aliens? Chad Adler looks for an intergalactic love match. Meredith attends a different kind of drum circle. Journalist Stacy Quasar searches for the origin of hoppy adult beverages at Empirical Brewery in Chicago.

Black Holes

In March 2020 when Chicago shut down, Lucianne, Chris, and Meredith got stuck inside the Adler Planetarium together. Then, mysterious signal comes down from the sky and the team investigates where it may have come from. Could it be a black hole?

Stellar Reviews

“Kind of hard to pick a favorite [skit] when the whole episode is so enjoyable to watch.”

“Loved the episode. My favourite songs were “The Most Embarrassing Version of You” and “Death of Heat” because you’ve gotta love some not so optimistic pep talks.”


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