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Skywatch Wednesday

Nick, the host of Skywatch Wednesday, smiling in front of a nebula, with the Adler logo and "Skywatch Wednesday" written below it.

Look Up With Us Wherever You Are!

Skywatch Wednesday is a YouTube video series from the Adler Planetarium that encourages viewers to get to know their night sky. Each episode highlights objects like constellations and planets you’ll be able to spot on your own at home, and other fun facts about our universe. Each episode shows you how to see comets, eclipses, conjunctions and other celestial phenomena and depending on what’s in the night sky!

We Publish New Episodes on Wednesdays

Catch new episodes on YouTube on Wednesdays. You can browse our playlist or visit our YouTube channel for the latest Skywatch Wednesday updates. (Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to get notifications when we post new videos!)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a telescope to view the objects discussed in Skywatch Wednesday?

Not necessarily! Our host, Nick, will always let you know what equipment you need in order to view objects in the night sky during the episode. Sometimes you may need a telescope or binoculars, but often you can see objects with the naked eye!

What kind of topics are covered in Skywatch Wednesday episodes?

Each Skywatch Wednesday is unique. Our goal is to cover topics relevant to the week of the episode airing so that you can go out and explore the night sky after watching. Sometimes we’ll talk about constellations and asterisms that are especially easy to see during a given time period, a planet that is making a close approach to Earth, an especially stunning phase of the Moon, or seasonal meteor showers. We’ll also cover timely topics, like how to view comet c/2022 (ZTF) or the “planet parade.”

I have a question about a topic mentioned in an episode. What should I do?

If you have questions about an episode topic, you have a few choices. First, you can leave us a comment in the YouTube comments section and we will do our best to respond. Second, you can email our astronomy experts at askadler@adlerplanetarium.org. By emailing us, you can expect a response usually within a week’s time. We ask for your patience and understanding if high volumes of emails make response times longer.


Your all-access pass to our universe!

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