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90th Anniversary Podcast

Stories From the YOUniverse podcast - New from the Adler!

On our new podcast, Stories from the YOUniverse, you’ll hear from some of the people who have made the Adler community such a special place through a series of short audio interviews. Listen as people tell their own Adler stories in their own voices. Who are they? What do they care about? How has the Adler influenced them? How have they left their mark on the Adler? To find out, you’ll have to tune in!

Share Your Story

And we want YOUR story to be a part of it. Tell us about yourself! What are your favorite Adler memories? How have you connected to space and to your neighbors with us? How will you be part of our future?

Leave us a voicemail at (312) 935-1990 with your name, contact info, and Adler story for a chance to appear in the final episode of the Stories from the YOUniverse podcast!

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Episode 8: Hudson Lindich

Hudson Lindich dressed up as Captain James A. Lovell, Jr., for a school report and wrote him a letter saying he was probably Capt. Lovell’s biggest fan. Later that year, Hudson put on his very first tuxedo and met his hero in person at the Adler Planetarium.

Episode 7: Oscar Chico

Oscar Chico followed a friend to the Adler when he was a sophomore at World Language High School in Little Village. Before he went off to college, he told us about his work with YOLO, an Adler-teen-led initiative to study light pollution in Chicago and educate the neighborhood about the night sky.

Episode 6: Spencer Gore

When Spencer Gore was 15, he met an Adler astronomer on a school field trip. Now he’s the CEO of a company that could clean up our planet and change the way we fly.

Read more about Spencer and his experience as a teen intern at the Adler on our blog.

Episode 5: Michelle Nichols

Michelle Nichols has been helping people see what’s in our sky at the Adler for 25 years. About six years ago, she started taking telescopes to libraries, schools, and public spaces around Chicago to reach people in their own neighborhoods.

Episode 4: Bob Gorz

When Bob Gorz saw NASA astronauts take their first steps on the Moon in 1969, he wished he could be there with them. But since NASA wasn’t sending kids to space, he did the next best thing: came to the Adler, built a telescope, and pointed it at the Moon.

Episode 3: Frederick J. Brown

Raised on Chicago’s South Side, Frederick J. Brown was a visual artist who found inspiration for his work in the stars. Our curator, Pedro Raposo, joins us to share Frederick’s story.

Episode 2: Ashley Walker

Ashley was the subject of the very first Chicago’s Black Women in STEAM on The Adler ‘Scope blog. She wanted to be the Moon when she grew up. Now she’s an astrochemist, and the story of how she joined the Adler community is a great one.

Read Ashley’s Chicago’s Black Women in STEAM article here.

Episode 1: Michelle Larson

As the Adler Planetarium celebrates its 90th anniversary, we’re getting to know some of the people who have made our community so special. In this episode, find out how a girl from Alaska ended up running a space museum in Chicago.

Then, read about the Adler’s first female director, Maude Bennot, on The Adler ’Scope blog.


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