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In the wee hours of a Monday morning in February of last year, a giant green fireball erupted over Lake Michigan. That fireball was a meteor breaking up in the atmosphere, and the pieces of that meteor are now sitting almost 200 feet below the surface of the lake. In the coming months, an unlikely scientific search-and-rescue team (led by a teen-programs manager at the Adler Planetarium) will pile onto a boat, sail out to the crash site, and attempt to retrieve a few meteorites.

Nobody has ever attempted a deep-water meteorite rescue mission like this before, and although a few astronomers and other experts have helped move it along, most of the people working on the Aquarius Project are not scientists—they’re Chicago-area teenagers. And their fearless leader? He’s an actor by training. And some of the most important pieces of the puzzle came from a suburban cop, a building engineer at the Shedd, and other neighborhood explorers who were in the right place at the right time.

Will they succeed? We don’t know. The podcast will follow the project as it unfolds, so we’re not sure exactly how (or when) it will end. But we do know this: It’s going to be a pretty spectacular journey, and no matter what happens, we want YOU to be there with us.

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Episode 5: Welcome to the Bottom

Two years after the project began, Chris and teens get on a boat and sail out to the meteor crash site. Everyone does their best to pick up some space rocks and avoid being consumed by self-doubt.

Mentioned in this episode: The Aquarius Project on National Geographic’s Overheard podcast! Listen here: on.natgeo.com/2wVNdsE

Episode 4: These Are Just, Like, Parts From Home Depot

A tube with some glass in it, a book with a missing cover, a bunch of very old rocks, and a homemade sled all have very interesting stories to tell—if you’re willing to listen.

In this episode:

Outro music by Jim and the Povolos 
High-fives to Curiosity Daily for this super fun interview with Chris Bresky and Aubrey Henretty

Episode 3: What IS Easy, Though?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Adler teens play to their strengths, get frustrated, get philosophical, and get back to work.

Update: Aquarius Project wins fancy award; Ep. 3 coming soon!

Episode 2: Unintended Consequences

A cop, a brother, a sci-fi author, an ancient whale, and a museum employee make choices that lead—unintentionally—to a meteorite hunt.

Episode 1: There’s Not a Zero Percent Chance

A meteor crashes into a Great Lake. An irresistible challenge awaits.


What does it take to get you to go outside and explore your neighborhood? How about a giant green fireball over the lake?


Your all-access pass to our universe!

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